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AXP152 is a highly integrated power management IC that provides easy and flexible power solution for applications that require multi-rail outputs. It has fully met the increasingly complex needs of application processors on accurate power control.

AXP152 integrates  four step-down converters (Buck DC-DC converter), seven low dropout regulators. It also features protection circuitry such as over/under-voltage protection (OVP/UVP), over-temperature protection, and over-current protection (OCP) to guarantee the power system security and stability.

In addition, AXP152 includes a Two Wire Serial Interface (TWSI), through which the application processor  is capable of enabling/disabling some power outputs, programming the voltage to decrease the power consumption, and provides customers with unprecedented experience of power management

AXP152  is available in 5mm x 5mm 40-pin QFN package,

and the package is Pb free.

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  • 3V~5.5V Input Operating Range

  • 15uA Off-Mode Current

  • Support TWSI (Two Wire Serial Interface)

  • 4 Buck DC/DC Step Down Converters

      – DC-DC1:PFM/PWM mode,scaling in 1.7-3.5V, 50mV/step,Output current 1A

      – DC-DC2:PFM/PWM mode,scaling in 0.7-2.275V,25mV/step, Output current 2A, DVM

      – DC-DC3:PFM/PWM mode,scaling in 1.7-3.5V, 50mV/step,Output current 1.2A

      – DC-DC4:PFM/PWM mode,scaling in 1.7-3.5V, 25mV/step,Output current 1.2A

  • 7 LDOs

    – LDO0:Output current 1.5A,Internal 500/900/1500mA current   limited option

    – RTCLDO:on for RTC31,output 3.1V, One for RTC13,Output   1.3/1.8V

    – ALDO1:Analog LDO,scaling in 1.2-3.3V, 300mA

    – ALDO2:Analog LDO,scaling in 1.2-3.3V, 300mA

    – DLDO1:Digital LDO or Switch,scaling in   0.7-3.5V,100mV/step,300mA

    – DLDO2:Digital LDO or Switch,scaling in   0.7-3.5V,100mV/step,300mA

    – GPIOLDO:low noise LDO, scaling in   0.7-3.5V,100mV/step,30mA

  • System Management

    – Support software shutdown or hardware power Off

    – External wake-up source

    – Output monitor

    – PWROK signal for reset or power off

    – OVP/UVP

    – Programmable power on voltage or sequence

  • Host Interface

    – Programmable Interrupt and wake-up management

    – Internal Timer

  • 40 pin,5x5mm2 QFN Package